3 years ago

Protective Style

I definitely would have been doing this every winter but the husband doesn’t like wigs or weave for that matter.

3 years ago

Fashion Friday Flashback

Soooo these pictures of me were taken when I was 13 years old. My 7th grade year I decided to make an outfit for picture day (the first pic).

3 years ago

Lace Cardigan Project

So I came across this picture on Pinterest and I absolutely had to make it. I found the fabric at Jo-Ann’s and took the whole spool.

3 years ago

Copper Headband

This DIY craft project got a lot of love the first time I wore it and it’s really easy to make. I’ve had this copper wire for years now.

3 years ago

Nailed It!

Here’s my latest Fall nail design that I copied from some press on nails that I saw.

Loving the Night
4 years ago

Double Split Long Maxi Dress

Here’s a super easy re-fashion of an old dress that I simply cannot get enough of.