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4 months ago

Make Your Own Curly Crochet Wig

Another protective hairstyle that I stumbled upon after an epic fail at trying on wigs. The idea was to make one. The easier the method the higher my chances were at succeeding. So after doing a little research I decided to crochet my very first wig. If I could do it, anybody could. All you […]

7 months ago

Latest Do: Crochet Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle was sooo not planned. I was looking for a bigger curl that I could crochet but because they didn’t have it in purple (99J) and this brand was cheaper I decided to go with this. I bought three 2’s and one 99J. I was skeptical as to how much the purple would stand […]

7 months ago

DIY: Print Pencil Skirt

This pencil skirt is by far the easiest sewing project I’ve ever had. There were only four pieces to put together; the front and back of the skirt and the front and back of the waist band. One of the reasons why this was so easy is because of my serger. The only “hiccup” I had with […]

7 months ago

Crop Top & High Waist Skirt

My first ever outfit made for a ‘client’ aka my sister. The fabric is a soft silky sweater material that I only had a yard and a half of and the only reason I made it for her is because I knew the color of the fabric would look gorgeous with her skin tone. I […]

8 months ago

Sewing Class Project

I’m back with another sewing project. I took a sewing class back in March of 2016 just to make sure I gave this pattern and more importantly the material justice. I took the class twice to complete the outfit so the outfit took me about two months to complete.  I had 3 strikes against me: (1) The material […]

10 months ago

Fabric Covered Buttons or Earrings

At times I can throw outfits together and not have anything on that’s truly “matching”. Other times I want everything from my earrings to my shoes to match perfectly.